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A fusion of rich plum and deep azure hues intertwines in this unique textured scarf. Delicately wrinkled for a touch of artful charm, it adds a layer of refined elegance to any outfit, blending the warmth of red bronze with the coolness of blue-grey tones. Each fold and crease tell a story of timeless sophistication, making it a statement accessory for every occasion.

  • 70% linen, 30% natural cotton.
  • Dimensions: 150cm x 55cm
  • Weight: 0.25 kg
  • Certified artisanally handwoven in Tunisia
  • Our products are all made by hand; small imperfections and differences in shape, size, and color are part of the charm of a handwoven product.
  • Recommended hand wash
  • Delicate machine wash max 40ºC to avoid breaking the natural fibers
  • Wash with similar colors
  • Do not use bleach
  • Warm iron if desired
  • Do not dry clean
What is inside Wonderloom box

This item is sent to you with our signature Wonderloom pouch, accompanied by a personalized artistic postcard designed by the talented artist and founder of Wonderloom brand. Explore his Instagram page @moonesarts for more of his art creations.